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Invited Speaker for the Continue Medical Education of the New Territories West Practicing Practitioners

Topic: Modern Management of Chronic Wounds & How to Heal Arterial & Venous Ulcers?

16 Jan, 2015

The purpose of this talk is to provide physician with an overview of up-to-date management of wound care, including phases of healing and steps for addressing arterial and venous ulcers. All doctors need to manage wounds to certain extent, irrespective of their subspecialties. There are many factors that can affect wound healing.

Understanding the principle of wound healing & knowing the kind of wound dressing materials available can optimize wound healing.

  • Identify wound classification, assessment and monitoring
  • Discuss important considerations for caring and cleansing wounds
  • Describe expected healing pathways in arterial & venous ulcers
  • Select wound dressing supplies relevant to any healthcare setting

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